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Back to nature

Once upon a time there was the man ... and the woman. The human being. The animal species Homo Sapiens with an anatomical-physiological structure perfectly adapted to colonize any terrestrial environment in which he could find or food, plant or animal nature that was.

With the onset of the industrial revolution, namely in the first decades of the 800, in the Western world has begun a process of change that has been made faster and faster, especially in the second half of the twentieth century, with the spread of the automobile and electricity, and that progressively extended to the whole world.
It is therefore radically changed the environment in which the human organism interacts on a daily basis.
The life style of the Western world (cars, elevators, armchairs and ergonomic chairs plus or minus) determined the substantive behavioural changes in everyday life, helping to create imbalances in our perfect and delicate neuromuscular system and joints.
Many pain syndromes are dependent on these imbalances.


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Dott. Graziano Ferrini
Trattamento di
Riabilitazione post operatoria e post traumatica
Assistenza domiciliare


Tel. 02-9818568 - 348-0500679


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Dott. Graziano Ferrini
Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain


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