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Benefits of exercise: scientific evidence
Are numerous scientific studies demonstrating the effects of physical activity on the structure, Physiology and body metabolism:



 Increase of density of bone mineralization

 decrease in the percentage of body fat and increasing lean body mass

 increased muscle strength

 improvement of glucose metabolism and insulin response to glucose

 changes of plasma lipoprotein lipids and cholesterol

 improvement of cardiovascular Dynamics

 decrease in resting heart rate

 increased range systolic (amount of blood pumped by the heart with each beat), ceiling and off

 Increase the maximum capacity of the metabolizing oxygen (VO2 max)

 increased resistance ceiling time and prolonged effort ceilings sub

 decrease of the blood pressure reading working sub ceiling related

 Improving basal metabolic rate

 improving cognitive abilities

 general improvement of the quality of life



And based on these results, all national and international organisations have developed and produced plans aimed at promoting changes in lifestyle, including, in particular, “physical activity promotes wellbeing, physical and mental health, prevents disease, improves social relationships and quality of life, provides economic benefits and contributes to environmental sustainability "(from The Toronto Charter for Physical Activity: A Global Call to Action. Global Advocacy Council for Physical Activity, International Society for Physical Activity and Health; 2010; translated into 18 languages).


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