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Exercise as Medicine

The exercise, to be effective as a means of reducing risk factors, it's like a medicine, and as such must be prescribed in terms of quality, quantity and frequency.

Prescribed! Not simply recommended! And in relation to age and health condition or disease of the subject, as well as other environmental and social conditions. Prescribed in terms of what kind of exercise, how often, amount and intensity. Numerous randomized controlled trials conducted in recent years have shown that to achieve significant results in terms of reduction of risk factors you must exceed a minimum amount recommended for 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, distributed among 3/5 days a week.


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Dott. Graziano Ferrini
Trattamento di
Riabilitazione post operatoria e post traumatica
Assistenza domiciliare


Tel. 02-9818568 - 348-0500679


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Dott. Graziano Ferrini
Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain


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