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New York Marathon 2011-time arrival Statistics
The most recent studies on the relationship between exercise and health benefits and quality of life have highlighted that the benefits and improvements of physiological parameters may be greater under conditions of intense physical exercise; and that intense exercise can be practiced even in old age (7). The same studies have also highlighted the difficulty of conducting randomized controlled trials on elderly individuals for potential risks to participants, subjected to intense and prolonged exercise.


For this reason, with the objective of providing a contribution to give answers on this issue, within the framework of the master's thesis presented by Graziano Ferrini were analysed the arrival times of all people (46,827) who completed the New York Marathon 2011 (including many ultra in their seventies), broken down by age groups of 5 years from 20 to 75 years, for males and females respectively. Many studies and researches were made for high-level athletes, in order to analyze and improve their performance; but as far as we have been able to verify, it does not appear that there are such data for "normal population". In fact, 99% (and maybe more) of the more than 40,000 people participating in Marathons in New York, and at many other marathons organized in Italy and in the world, consists of normal people, who engage in regular exercise, with the main goal to remain fit and healthy.

In fact, as can be seen from the times reported on the various statistical summary charts of the results, the timing and performance of "normal" participants are not comparable with the times of the earliest arrived; the winner (some Geoffrey Mutai of thirty years) has in fact used the time to 2 hours 5 minutes and 6 seconds, corresponding to an average speed greater than 20 Km/h and with a time per KM less than 3 minutes.
Many of the people who practice regularly running activity, sooner or later, bring in their program  a marathon.
I thought I'd put in the data network and the most significant graphic artists of this thesis, as they can be very useful for those who participate or intend to participate in a marathon, but also those who simply think to use the race as a physical exercise; the available data on the following pages are:


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