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Physiotherapist, marathon runner and engineer: it is not a new University discipline.
It's all the experiences that characterise the professional profile Graziano Ferrini as a physiotherapist; a set of three experiences different, that integrate an understanding of the problems that restrict the functional capabilities of a person suffering from painful syndromes and diseases, and in determining the therapeutic path most appropriate physiotherapy to reduce or eliminate pain and restore functional capabilities.


Physical therapist (how and why)

I decided to attend the degree course in Physiotherapy at the University of Milan, where I graduated on 23 March 2013, after solved by interventions of physiotherapy "do-it-yourself" some risk of speech disorders surgical and medical therapy of resistant drug type; in particular a chronic low back pain, joint pain in the shoulder and knees.


Marathon Runner

Amateur runner, practiced continuously for over 35 years, and with participation in 30 marathons, has created the psychotic conditions to address so aware and very positive outcome with an academic career challenging in adulthood, and developing with the personal contribution experience a master's thesis on the topic "of physical exercise as a therapeutic and preventive tool for elder "



The basic skills of mechanics, gained his degree in engineering Nuclear achieved at a young age at the University of Pisa, I have allowed to better understand the Biomechanics of anatomic articulation movements, both during the exercises that I have done to solve my problems, and during the course degree in physiotherapy, for theoretical and practical learning of anatomical-physiological structure of the human body as a whole and in the individual body components.


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Dott. Graziano Ferrini
Trattamento di
Riabilitazione post operatoria e post traumatica
Assistenza domiciliare


Tel. 02-9818568 - 348-0500679


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Dott. Graziano Ferrini
Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain


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