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The proposal of Physiotherapeutic treatment "BACK to NATURE"
by Graziano Ferrini, engineer, physical therapist and marathon runner,
for health, wellness and quality of life improvement

Graziano and Lorenzo Ferrini at  New York Marathon arrival

Back to nature  

Once upon a time there was the man ... and the woman. The human being. The animal species Homo Sapiens with anatomical and physiological structure perfectly adapted to colonize any terrestrial environment in which he could find or food, plant or animal nature that was. Today is radically changed the environment in which the human organism interacts on a daily basis from birth; You must try to recreate in every day life environmental conditions that led to the development of our body structure; an environment where there were chairs, tables and beds and shoes.


Benefits of exercise.


Are numerous scientific studies demonstrating the effects of physical activity on the structure, Physiology and metabolism; in summary it has been scientifically proven that physical activity promotes well-being, physical and mental health, prevents disease, improves social relationships and quality of life, produces economic benefits and contributes to environmental sustainability ".

Exercise as medicine:prescription e programming: exercise, to be effective as a means of reducing risk factors, it's like a medicine, and as such must be prescribed in terms of quality, quantity and frequency.  And properly planned in terms of the types of physical activity, level of intensity, number and duration of sessions and how proper implementation and monitoring of the results. Prescribed! Not simply recommended.

 The knee pain. 

 Sooner or later, the vast majority of amateur runners, it happens that begins to hurt a knee, or foot, or Achilles tendon; Obviously it happened to me too. What to do in this situation? You go to the doctor, which normally prescribed pain relievers, anti-inflammatories and rest. Passes the pain, it starts to run and the pain returns. In these cases it may be necessary to use the surgeon; but more often the problem can be solved with adequate muscle strengthening exercises and stretching targeted muscle groups, which may be responsible for joint imbalance that is often the root cause of the ailments.

 The standing conquest.

 The conquest of standing on the part of man is one of the elements that were the basis of the development of the human species, thanks to the wonderful mechanisms that have enabled the human species to maintain an upright position with minimal energy expenditure; to move in an upright position with the ability to better control the environment in which ii moves, both to protect against potential enemies, both for food and for possible prey.-to have full availability of the upper limbs, both from that movement, to grab and bring the food to your mouth, or use tools and useful items to survive.

For endurance activities based on the road and on the run, there's not much to teach and demonstrate in people who have no medical conditions or disabilities. However, it is necessary to teach programming at an early stage, the progression, in terms of intensity, frequency and duration, which need to be addressed.

The demonstration and education is an activity central to the activity of muscle reinforcement (or resistance) and stretching. The reinforced activities such as stretching, must be specific to the muscle groups that reveal strengths or deficits of elongation, and are therefore responsible for the muscle imbalance and the consequent functional limitation and pain syndromes. 

Age and Exercise

One of the key elements to consider in the programming exercise, especially for endurance exercise, in addition to health, physician competence, is the age of the subject. From data processing of arrival time of all people (46,827) who completed the New York Marathon in 2011 were obtained a series of charts and graphs that, for men and women and for every age group from 20 to 75 years, provide references to assess the level of average, minimum and maximum performance that can be achieved in the long run.

New York Matathon 2011 - Time arrival Statistics

The most recent studies on the relationship between exercise and health benefits and quality of life have highlighted that the benefits and improvements of physiological parameters may be greater under conditions of intense physical exercise; and that intense exercise can be practiced even in old age (7). The same studies have also highlighted the difficulty of conducting randomized controlled trials on elderly individuals for potential risks to participants, subjected to intense and prolonged exercise.
For this reason, with the objective of providing a contribution to give answers on this issue, within the framework of the master's thesis presented by Graziano Ferrini were analysed the arrival times of all people (46,827) who completed the New York Marathon 2011 (including many ultra in their seventies), broken down by age groups of 5 years from 20 to 75 years, for males and females respectively.


The most common pain syndromes: description and treatment

 Low Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain



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Dott. Graziano Ferrini
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Dott. Graziano Ferrini
Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain


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